Yank Azman

Yank Azman

Selected Credits

role (category) directed by
Judgement Colin McMahon (PP) Andre van Heerden
Map of the Human Heart Cab Driver (PP) Vincent Ward
Millennium Evac Leader (PP) Michael Anderson
Sing! Elliot Frye (clip) (PP) Richard Baskin

Evel Accountant (PP) John Badham
TAGGED: the Jonathan Wamback Story Duty Counsel John L'Ecuyer
Haven Papa Stern(PP) John Grey
Deliberate Intent Trial Judge Andy Wolk
Cheaters Tribune Reporter 3 (PP) John Stockwell
The Lady in Question Medical Examiner (PP) Joyce Chopra
Cruel Justice Judge Simms (PP) Gregory Goodell
Dash & Lilly Doctor (PP) Kathy Bates
Scandalous Me:The Jacqueline Susann Story Producer 2 (PP) Bruce McDonald
Giving Up the Ghost Cousin Albert (PP) Claudia Weill
Bone Daddy [aka Palmer's Bones] MacDougall (PP) Mario Azzopardi
We the Jury Henry Otis (PP) Sturla Gunnarson
Gotti Judge Nickerson (PP) Robert Harmon
Choices of the Heart Arnold Scopes (PP) Paul Shapiro
Butterbox Babies Mr. Stone(PP) Don McBearty
My Breast Dr. Norton(PP) Betty Thomas
Babymaker: the Dr. Cecil Jacobson Story [aka Seeds of Deception] Board Member (PP) Arlene Sanford
Dieppe Tremlin (PP) John N. Smith
Mark Twain & Me Reporter #3 (PP) Daniel Petrie

Episodic Televison
Murdoch Mysteries Murdoch Schmurdoch Peddler (PP)Sherren Lee
The Border Killer Debt Israeli Official (PP) TW Peacocke
Little Mosque on the Prairie Best Intentions Pawn Broker (clip) (PP) Michael Kennedy
Flea Market Millionaires (Pilot) Host/Appraiser (PP) Kip Spidel
Blue Murder Search Party Case Winfrey (PP) TW Peacocke
Street Time Random Act the Rabbi (PP) Marc Levin
the Zack Files Little Big Zack the Rabbi (PP) Graeme Lynch
Paradise Falls Who's Ravenheart? Mr Bloom (PP) Art Hindle
Penelope Buitenhuis
D.C. Justice Judge (PP) Michael Fields
Relic Hunter Thank You Very Much Pawnshop Owner (PP) Don McCutcheon
More Tears Allen/Larry Golden (PP) Ken Finkleman
Adventures of Shirley Holmes The Case of the Second Sight Burton(PP) Kim Todd
Traders [continuing character] Money File Host (PP) Gord Langevin
Alex Chapple
Reid Dunlop
My Life as A Dog [continuing character] Mr. Shaughnessy (PP) Peter Rowe
Neill Fearnley
Side Effects (2 episodes) Doctor(PP) Ken Girotti
Steve DiMarco
Great Defender [continuing character] Judge Simon Bernstein (PP) Arlene Sanford
Anita Addison
Ready or Not Swear To G*d Rabbi Pinsker (clip) (PP) Alyse Rosenberg
Road to Avonlea Otherwise Engaged Mr. Wakefield (clip) (PP) Allan King
Street Legal (3 episodes) Levinson (PP) Stacey Curtis
Scales of Justice The Susan Nelles Story David Cole(PP) Michael Anderson

WEIGHT: 180 lbs EYES: Blue RESIDENCY: Canada & USA

Reel or voice tape available on request.

Current headshot

Canadian representation by
Ronda Cooper (or Donna Trimble for commercials)
at the Characters 416-964-8522


If you're looking Yank Azman Antiques, that's www.yank.ca or for prop rentals then it's www.torontoprops.com